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SCCM 2012 Easy Naming Convention


A while ago I was on a project that needed to quickly adopt a simple and easy naming convention for new builds that the desktop support teams could build in bulk without having to manually enter in a computer name before each build.

Now normally you’d use the OSDCOMPUTERNAME variable (manual) or you’d prestage the devices you want to build in SCCM with a name and a MAC address. But instead I used the serial number of hardware, as its almost guaranteed to be unique on each device. Here is how to easily set this up in your task sequence.

We decided to use an acronym as part of the name, eg: TDT12345  (where “TDT” is The Desktop Team and ”12345″ is the serial number)

Next you need to add in 3 steps to your task sequence, they need to added in after the Apply OS section and before the Apply Windows Settings section of the task sequence, the steps are as follows.

  • Use Toolkit Package (MDT Toolkit)
  • Gather (Gather only local data do not process rules); and
  • Set Computer Name

So it looks likes this


On the “Set Computer Name” step this is done by adding a “Set Task Sequence Variable” this can done by clicking “Add” from the menu above your task sequence and looking for the “Set Task Sequence Variable” option. You can now rename this to Set Computer Name for example.

Make sure you have the following in place as shown below, you will need the task sequence variable to set to OSDCOMPUTERNAME. The value can then be set to %SERIALNUMBER%


Save the task sequence and away you go! You can change the value as shown above to TDT%SERIALNUMBER% to have TDT%serialnumber% as the computer name.

Boot, deploy, test and be happy :)


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