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PowerShell / System Center

SCCM 2012 – Add-CMDeploymentTypeGlobalCondition

Hi All, when i was preparing the presentation for the thedesktopteam workshop day last year (, i created few scripts to add requirements to a existing application/deployment type. by the time, i tought that this was too advanced for what i wanted to deliver on that workshop and because work related stuff, i never had a change to publish it. Few days back, i was speaking with Rick and he told me that it was impossible to achieve some of the requirements via script/powershell and i said it was possible and i had a script for it. what he was trying to do is to add a OS requiement for an application. to clarify my answer, the ConfigMgr console is also a “script” language. of course, it probably uses c# or c++, but it is a compiled script, so if they can, any other scripting language also can do, we…

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