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SAM Tools: Flexera FlexNet Manger Suite 9 Released

On June 29th, Flexera released FlexNet Manger Suite version 9.0 which is includes the following bundle of products:

Basically, FlexNet Manger Platform (FNMP) is a prerequisite for the vendor specific FlexNet add-on apps (FlexNet Manager for IBM, FlexNet Manager for Symantec, FlexNet Manager for Microsoft, and FlexNet Manager for Adobe).

What you need to know about FNMP

FNMP is more comprehensive than most SAM tools on the market, allowing applications, POs, contracts, licenses and entitlements to all be linked together. This tool provides a means for effective discovery and inventory of the entire software install base in an organization, while comparing it to purchased license entitlements. FNMP continues this effort by providing useful reporting that is based on predefined relationships between installed software and purchased entitlements.


Here is a list of FNNMP 9.0 features. I added a few details for explanation:

  • Purchase Order Automation – The import and linking of POs to licenses can be fully automated, based on a set of configurable relationship rules that have been predefined. A regular SKU library download keeps vendor data up-to-date. The user interface has been rebuilt to provide full history and rollback capability.
  • Entitlement Audit Trail – The “transaction” concept was introduced to provide proof of purchase for current entitlements. The relationship between each PO and its corresponding license and the usage of that license can be displayed. Records of predefined reporting has been enhanced.
  • Integration – Adapters (connectors) is the term Flexera uses for integration. FNMP now natively supports ConfigMgr 2012, Exchange Active Sync and Altiris 7.1.
  • Applications for Creating Custom Integration – Inventory Adapter Studio and the Business Adapter Studio are two new applications provide with this update. They allow for integrations with other platforms that are not natively supported.
  • What-If Analysis—Proactive License Management – this feature provides the SAM mangers the ability to effectively predict the licensing and financial outcomes that will occur when changes in environment are simulated.
  • Clustering – The proper licensing rules and relationships are applied to applications being hosted on VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V server clusters.
  • Cognos Reporting – Supports IBM Cognos reporting.
  • Private Custom Views – Allows reporting users to create views that are not available to other users.
  • Application Discovery/ Last Used Dates – The date that an application was first use and the date the application was last used is recorded for each device. This data is particularly useful for reharvesting.
  • Stale Inventory Removal – Old records are removed automatically from the system.
  • Oracle Improvements – Oracle db licensing support and software inventory has been enhanced.


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