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Roger Truss sporting his SCCM Guru T-shirt and MMS bling

A couple weeks back we held a “commenting” contest where the biggest commenter for the week won a SCCM Guru T-shirt.  Roger Truss won the T-shirt and he’s now posted himself, with his prize, and posted it to his personal myITforum gallery.

You can find his personal gallery here:  Roger Truss’ SCCM Guru gallery

Here’s the pic!  Notice the myITforum party buttons and MMS bling!

Roger Truss

Stay tuned!  We have more contests and opportunities to win a SCCM Guru T-shirt coming.

In the interim, you can grab your own SCCM Guru SWAG here:  SCCM Guru SWAG Store

Or, register for an upcoming SCCM Guru event (hint: you get a free T-shirt just for attending):  SCCM Guru Webcast Series

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