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Review: iXCC Third-party Type Cover for Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4

A few weeks ago, a family member sat their Surface Pro 3 keyboard on a working toaster. This resulted in some melted keys. I wanted to grab another keyboard quickly, but noticed that Microsoft is currently only offering its high-end Alcantra material option. I’ve tried this keyboard out and its simply not worth the $160 price tag. So, I set about looking for a third-party option. Moko makes one, but I ended up with the one from iXCC to test.

The iXCC version is similar to the one from Moko – in fact they look identical in features – but the one from iXCC is about $10 cheaper.

What I ended up realizing is that there’s not a third-party keyboard that takes advantage of the Surface Pro’s keyboard connector slot.  Its possible that Microsoft doesn’t supply information about the connector to third parties. Essentially, this is just a Bluetooth keyboard. The only difference is from other Bluetooth keyboards that this comes wrapped in the Microsoft-like felt material and fits into the Surface Pro 3/4 keyboard slots magnetically so it works as a screen protector and puts the tablet into standby when its closed.

Since this is a Bluetooth keyboard that doesn’t take advantage of the Surface Pro keyboard slot, this means it also does not get power from the Surface Pro. So, again, just like other Bluetooth keyboards, it needs to be charged. iXCC states that the battery can be fully charge in about 4 hours and that power will last for about 180 hours of usage time. That’s pretty significant.  So, while you do have to worry about keeping this keyboard charged, you can get some significant usage out of it before it needs more juice. The other neat factor about this being just a standard old Bluetooth keyboard but with a Surface look is that you can use the keyboard with the Surface Pro up to 30 feet away, i.e., it doesn’t have to be attached to the Surface Pro to still be useable. And, of course, as a Bluetooth keyboard it can be used with any PC.

As for useability and comfort, this keyboard works in very similar fashion to the standard option keyboard from Microsoft. The keys feel sturdy and the trackpad is just as precise.

The keyboard is available from Amazon for $50: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 / Pro 3 Type Cover, iXCC New Enhanced Ultra-Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Two-Button Trackpad and Built-in Battery


  • Ultra-slim wireless Bluetooth type cover keyboard with precise two-button trackpad provides more efficient typing experience for Microsoft surface Pro 4 / Pro 3
  • New enhanced magnetic stability along the fold, you can adjust it to the right angle and work on your lap, on the plane, or at your desk.
  • Bluetooth Pairing: Press “Fn + Delete(Bluetooth icon)” keys together for connecting. Go to your “SETTINGS” screen on your tablets with Bluetooth-enabled device, activate its Bluetooth function and search for the keyboard device. “iXCC” should appear. Select “iXCC” on your device and the keyboard will be paired without password
  • Flip back the cover to prevent inadvertent typing and protect the screen from bumps and scratches. Built-in powerful lithium battery ensures 180 hours uninterrupted work time and only takes 4 hours to be fully charged



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