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Review: SAM Process Maturity Assessment

The SAM Process Maturity Assessment is conducted as an online survey, offered by SAM Charter. The product of the assessment is a comprehensive report with Best Practice recommendations. The report provides guidance  on the critical areas business and IT operations that need to be targeted to elevate Software Asset Management (SAM) maturity. This is an excellent way for organizations to perform a self-initiated assessment of their SAM program.

What is included?

End Users are asked to supply details about the organization, mainly around device types and counts, along with SAM program goals. Next, the end user is asked to supply answers to a series of questions from ten SAM competency areas (see the previous figure). An initial question is posed and then follow on questions are asked, based on the response provided to the previous question. There are 100 questions in all. SAM Charter supplies a PDF help file to guide to end users through the survey. The questions can be answered in stages, providing ample time for completion. A Terms and Conditions agreement is entered into, between the end user and SAM Charter prior to beginning the assessment to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of end user data. Within five minutes after the completion of the survey, a comprehensive report will be emailed to the end user. The report I viewed was 29 pages long. 14 pages were devoted to customized recommendations based on the end user inputs. The remaining pages contained valuable SAM Best Practice program recommendations.

Who should use it?

This assessment is great for all levels of SAM maturity. Those organizations that are just beginning to consider a SAM program can get some great recommendations about what areas to get started on. More mature SAM programs can receive validation in areas where they are doing well, and a list of areas to focus their efforts.

How to get it?

SAM Process Maturity Assessment is meant to be utilized as a tool for independent SAM consultants, to help organizations, as part of an engagement. Contact Rory at SAM Charter for recommendations of a consultant in your geographic area. A free 20 question SAM assessment is in the works to be offered in future. Keep your eye on the SAM Charter for that offering.

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Dana has been working in the IT industry for over 15 years, mostly with Microsoft System Center CM2007/SMS and recently with Software Asset Management (SAM) technologies and processes. Dana got his start with technical writing by submitting Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0/2003 articles to back in 2000. He continued that effort with myITforum. Dana also published two SMS books entitled Distributing Software with Systems Management Server 2003 and The Start to Finish Guide to SMS Software Delivery.

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