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Review: RAVPower FileHub Plus with WiFi, Mobile Charging, and SD Card Reader

Review: RAVPower FileHub Plus with WiFi, Mobile Charging, and SD Card Reader

What started as a need to improve the WiFi signal in my office has turned into a valuable travel gadget.

A couple months back my home office network equipment was upgraded by my Internet provider, Spectrum. Spectrum promised that I’d have stronger WiFi signals with full coverage over the entirety of the house. This didn’t exactly work the way they promised. While the signal was stronger in most of the house, my home office was actually the one area that suffered. And, the signal was so good in the rest of the house, I was overruled when I wanted to switch back. I’ve used repeaters in the past to amplify signals, but those don’t work as well as promoted, so I decided to go a different route. My home office is wired, so I simply wanted to take my wired network connection and turn it into a WiFi connection.

I tested a few devices to no avail but eventually came upon the RAVPower FileHub Plus. This ended up being a very valuable and very viable solution. Yes, it has other functions that also work equally well like the SD card and USB thumb drive reader capabilities, but its the WiFi functionality that is really solid. I now have an extremely strong WiFi connection in my home office that also blankets the upper floor of our home.

The device also came in handy during a recent business trip where the hotel WiFi was horrid – we’ve all experienced that. I simply plugged the RAVPower device into the supplied wired connection in the hotel room and had better WiFi coverage than anyone. After listening to others complaining about their WiFi connectivity problems, I ultimately gave away my secret and watched those nearby make some quick orders.

The device is very reasonable ($44) on Amazon: RAVPower FileHub Plus

Additionally, because this device also offers storage reading along with the WiFi connection, you can share files to anyone you allow to connect to the impromptu network.

Setting up the RAVPower is done through an accompanying app, FileHub Plus, and is available for both Android and iOS.


  • Storage Backup: this RAVPower Filehub transfers files between sd cards, USB drives, hard disks and your devices (phone/tablet/computer) to free much more space up for your devices
  • Wireless Router: instantly convert a wired network to wireless network. And bridge and extend WiFi, share internet securely with others
  • Media Streamer & Sharer: seamlessly share with your families, friends and stream your videos, photos, and music on your connected smartphones, tablets, TVs, media players, Chromecast, Roku, and other DLNA devices, via App Filehub Plus
  • SD Card USB Reader: wirelessly recognize USB flash drive, hard disk, SDHC, SDXC cards with your devices (phone/tablet/computer) via RAVPower Filehub plus APP, even more support with a USB hub
  • Upgraded Chip & External Battery Packs: New MTK7620N core built-in chip, better performance in hardware & software. Built-in 6700mAh power bank (5V/1A) enables you to charge most of phones at least for once, without worries about low power



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