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Review: OIOSEN 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet

Review: OIOSEN 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet

Talk about a surprising winner of a gadget, I had no idea how popular the Oiosen LCD Writing Tablet would be when it arrived. I generally like my gadgets to do a multitude of things and be versatile, so when this lower-tech tablet showed up, I had my doubts.

Those doubts were very quickly diminished when I handed the tablet to my 8-year old daughter to test for me for a few days. I do a lot of drawing for relaxation. Ironically, my solution is also lower tech than you might imagine. I use an Amazon Fire Tablet HD 10, with a simple AmazonBasics stylus, and the ArtFlow app from the Amazon app store. You might think that this is a pretty silly drawing setup, but after working with it for a few days, I’ve been able to accomplish some pretty significant things. Here’s an example:

(Tap or click for a larger view)

Any tool just takes practice.

But, while I considered my sketching solution to be low tech, the Oiosen is actually much lower tech than that. The thin, severely lightweight plastic drawing pad has a battery built in, but only to enable the function of wiping the screen clean after the doodle is finished. There’s a push button at the top that erases the entire screen. These have been around a while, so you might already be aware of them, but they are like a modern-day Etch A Sketch.

But, for my 8-year old daughter, the Oiosen’s low tech capabilities don’t bother her at all. She has been drawing non-stop on this thing since it landed in her hands. It drives me nuts that it can’t hook up to a PC or to the cloud to save drawings, and doesn’t have the ability to erase areas of the screen instead of the entire screen at once. But, if you want to sketch something or write a note, you don’t have to worry about an Internet connection or hustling to find a way to charge it. The battery (3v) is easy to replace and lasts forever. It also has a lock button so current drawings don’t accidentally get erased. It comes with a stylus (see photos below) that has two different sides – one thin and one rounded – for varying lines.

One other caveat – and one that also drives me a bit nuts – particularly a person with older eyes – is that it isn’t back-lit. Obviously, a back-lit screen would bump up the price and make it weight more, but without a bright back-light its hard to see. Again, another thing that my 8-year old doesn’t mind at all.

In fact, I honestly believe she’d never forgive me if I told her to return it. Its made that much of an instant impact. For what it is, its awesome.

It’s available from Amazon for around $18: LCD Writing Tablet, OIOSEN 8.5 Inch Electronic Drawing and Writing Board

Bottom line, just based on how much this has thrilled my daughter, is that this is an awesome gift.


  • Upgraded Version: OIOSEN upgraded version is brighter than the old version 8.5-inch LCD Writing tablet. Lock the erase button that you needn’t worry about losing your image.
  • Main Functions: Writing and Drawing on the tablet is just like on the paper. It’s suit for kids writing, drawing, office memo board, message board and as a comunication tool.
  • Portable and Lightweight – OIOSEN tablet is an ultra 1/6″ thin and is easy to take in a purse, scheduler, briefcase or backpack.
  • The Best Choice of Gift: A fun, educational and practical gift for both kids and adult. OIOSEN LCD writing tablet is a perfect gift for Children’s day, Birthday, Christmas, New Year and other festivals!



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