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Review: iXCC Sports Bluetooth In-Ear Earbuds

I recently wrote up a review for another pair of iXCC earbuds. The ones I reviewed then, I was impressed enough to make them the backup pair to my Bragi Dash. I’ve been using them since that review. You can check out the earlier review here:  Review: iXCC Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Sweatproof Sport Earbuds

Since that review, the iXCC folks tried talking me into trying out a newer set. I complained a bit, based on the specific set they wanted me to test – and for good reason. I’ve tested and reviewed an innumerable number of headphones over the years, particularly for using for fitness activities (mostly running). The company’s latest set, seen HERE, is very similar to the ones before, except that it is manufactured with the audio and call controls on the cord instead of completely on the ear piece. I have a very valid reasons for not liking this type of configuration.

When I run (I run a lot), even the slightest weight on one side or the other forces the entire cord to that side of my shoulders. And, once the entire bulk of the cord is on a single side, you can’t move your head fluidly. In road traffic situations that can be costly and dangerous. Additionally, it causes the opposite ear bud to gradually pull out. Its pretty annoying and one of my biggest pet peeves with headphones.

However, I did finally and reluctantly agree to test them. And, I was right. The annoyance is just too much. This particular set has the controls on one side. I’ve been out on several runs already and I have to constantly adjust them. I grit my teeth each time.

However, these are some pretty fantastic headphones if you all you’re doing is lifting weights, or sitting comfortably listening to music or an audio book. I say that because the audio is excellent. The mid and bass is extra strong – 10 times better than the other pair I reviewed. And, that is what has kept me using them for running despite the cord controls annoyance. I wish the company could deliver the awesome sound of these new ones into the set I’ve been using. I like the first set because the audio controls are all contained in the earpiece, which makes it easy to adjust volume, answer calls, switch songs, etc., and it doesn’t cause the cord to pull to one side.

Runners – you probably know exactly what I’m talking about with the cord controls and you’ll avoid this pair. However, like I said, these are still excellent headphones and highly recommended for weight lifting, biking, (activities without a lot of jostling) and general use. They’re comfortable to wear and the sound is amazing. The fit and the comfort is much better with this pair than my previously reviewed set. And, the price is right, too.

Amazon has these for around $30: iXCC Sports Bluetooth In-Ear Earbuds IPX7 Waterproof


  • Awesome Look and Comfortable: Lightweight design with customizable EarTips and Ear Hooks give anyone a strong and comfortable fit. Premium soft smooth silicone gel surface helps sweat proof. It is great for Gym, Running, Jogging, Hiking, Cycling, and impact Sports.
  • True HD High Fidelity: With Advanced Aptx tech featuring in-ear design offer incredible sound quality with deep bass and Clear treble, Crystal Clear Vocals and Strong Exact beats, Works great for soundtracks, audio books, relaxing sounds, and even techno music.
  • Active Noise Cancellation: CVC 6.0 tech pairing with enclosed ear-tip ensure your a silent environment, So you can be focused on what you doing and enjoy the fortress of solitude.
  • Most Compact Battery: The premium lithium Battery allows continuous enjoyment of music or phone call up to 8 hours or 270 hours standby time with a quick charge of only 1.5 hours. Power display on your phone and use a 5V Charger Adapter (Not Included) and Micro USB Cable (Included)
  • Bluetooth V4.1 and Universal Connectivity: Combining with our two phones connecting tech, You can connect the headphone with two phones at the same time, Take calls or listen music from those two devices, Seamless syncing to your favorite wireless devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android cell Phones, Windows Phones, and more up to 30 feet.



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