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Review: iHome iAV2 Bedside and Home Office Echo Dot Docking Unit with Clock and Speaker System

Review: iHome iAV2 Bedside and Home Office Echo Dot Docking Unit with Clock and Speaker System

I’ve always enjoyed testing products built by iHome. The build and construction is always exceptional and the thoughtful engineering always satisfies.

And, that’s really still the case with this latest gadget I’ve been testing. The iAV2 is a digital clock you can sit on a desk or nightstand, with a crazy awesome speaker, and a dock for an Amazon Echo Dot.

The Echo Dot fits perfectly inside the top of the square speaker (see photos below), and in the back you connect power to the Dot and insert a line-in for a direct connection to the speaker system. Additionally, on the back there’s also an extra USB port so you can also charge a smartphone or tablet. The speaker/clock is weighted so it sits stationary and the bottom has anti-slip rubber.

Combining all of these functions makes this an effective, valuable, and really desirable gadget. And, truly what iHome has done with this is the way to go. Some manufacturers develop their own speakers with Alexa built-in. But, the Alexa integration leads to incompatibilities with newly released features and doesn’t support features like Calling and Messaging. The way iHome has done it by simply supplying a Dot dock makes much more sense and ensures that all current and future Echo features will work.

So, this is all cool, but, it really boils down to the sound quality and I can honestly say that iHome has outdone itself with this device. Just take a listen and keep in mind this is recorded through an iPhone speaker…

(BTW: In case you’re wondering, the audio is supplied by one of my favorite, but more obscure bands, The Night Flight Orchestra)

Also, I know many will ask but Alexa cannot set the clock. You have to do that manually using the provided buttons on the bottom of the clock.

The iAV2 is available from Amazon for about $50: iHome iAV2 Docking Bedside and Home Office Amazon Echo Dot Speaker System


  • Echo Dot alarm clock specially designed for Amazon (works with 2nd Gen, not included)
  • Let Alexa control your home from the bedside. Echo Dot works with iHome smart plugs (sold separately) and many more smart home solutions.
  • Docking solution – dedicated aux-in and microUSB cable connections to power & play Echo Dot audio
  • Enjoy room-filling music with Alexa
  • 1 A USB charging for mobile devices
  • Display dimmer with 5 levels of brightness control
  • Passive subwoofer for enhanced bass
  • Large negative backlit clock display



(tap or click each photo for a larger view)

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