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Review: HUD Simulating Smartphone Car Mount

A new design of smartphone mount arrived on my doorstep a couple weeks ago. Usually, I’ll give these types of items a glance and be able to decide quickly whether or not its a valuable accessory. This one was different. At first, the design threw me off a bit. Its a clip design that both clips onto a car dash (or onto a desk – which is where I have it now) and also clips to hold the smartphone in place.

After testing, I ended up being impressed by the uniqueness and ingenuity of the design and also how well it is able hold the smartphone solidly. Once you get the smartphone in place, its not going anywhere. And, because of the clip design, you can install and remove a smartphone quickly. Additionally, because its intended to mount on the car’s dashboard, it really puts the smartphone at the right distance for manipulating onscreen alerts and adjusting GPS screens with ease.

One caveat – and you’ll see this in the photo below – is that, for some smartphones, you have to work to ensure the clip isn’t accidentally pressing volume or power buttons.

Amazon has these for around $17: Car Mount, HUD Simulating Design Car Phone Holder/ Universal Cradle Adjustable Dashboard Phone Mount


  • HUD simulating design, driving more safe: The holder is in an excellent location of the edge of car dashboard. It allows the driver to look at the phone screen while driving. The line of sight is consistent with the road, and has the same purpose with HUD which makes you keeping your eyes always on road to avoid unnecessary accidents when driving.
  • Safe and easy to use: One hand operation. Drivers can easily use one hand to touch and operate the phone screen with hands still holding the steering wheel when driving. It keeps us more safety when driving.
  • Long clip arm: The clamp arm maximum opening width can fit smartphone up to 6.5-inch.
  • Double curved base design: The holder base has the vertically and horizontally curved design, clips the top lid tightly with the strong clip, and perfectly fits with the dashboard cove through the non-slip silicone pad, which make it holding the phone stable.
  • Use super tough polymer: Tsumbay holder adapts to the high temperature environment of the automobile instrument table, and Using RoHS certification and high strength ABS materials. One molding process injection molding, so that products in – 25 degrees to 85 degrees range can be used perfectly.



(tap or click each photo for a larger view)

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