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Review: dodocool 8GB MP3 Player

It might seem strange to test and review a product that is only capable of playing MP3’s these days. A lot of people just opt to listen to music on their smartphones. But, as a runner and avid fitness person, I know there’s a lot of value of being able to untether and focus on the relaxation and euphoria of creating endorphins.

And, then there’s the younger set who haven’t been given a smartphone yet. For example, my 8 year old loves to listen to music, but as parents, we’re still walking that thin line of deciding what age is appropriate for a cell phone. Some of her friends already have cell phones. Having a cell phone is sort of like getting your first job. Once you start working, you’re working for the rest of your life. So, with both, you may as well enjoy the freedom as long as you can. A cell phone draws you in and never lets you go with its constant notifications and alerts. So, for her, a standalone MP3 player is an awesome solution.

Additionally, with the Christmas season coming up, who wouldn’t love a solidly built, unique MP3 player – even if it harkens back to yesteryear a bit.

That’s where the dodocool MP3 player comes in. This is an awesome device, for sure. The construction is solid aluminum and the battery is rated for 30 hours of use. To be honest, I’ve not tested it for 30 hours, but it even the short time I’ve tested the battery indicator looks like its hardly moved. The screen is vivid and colorful, making it a pretty significant showpiece for anyone wanting to get a little device cred. It also has an FM tuner allowing you to listen to local radio and has an TF card slot that supports up to 256 GB if the onboard 8 GB is not enough.

The controls are familiar and seems to take a copied page from the Apple book with the scrolling wheel. It works exactly the same. And the way the wheel is positioned makes it extremely easy to use one-handed.

Interestingly, the dodocool doesn’t come with headphones. I guess the company figures you probably have a drawer full already, or you have a set of your favorites, so they left them out. That is a bit strange, but isn’t really enough to knock this device down from a near 5-star rating.

Amazon sells the MP3 player for $45, which is just about the right price point for a substantial Christmas present: dodocool HiFi Music Player High Resolution 8GB MP3 Player Audio Digital Lossless Sound with Voice Recorder and FM Radio 30 Hours Playback


  • [Multiple Audio Formats Supported]: Support decoding DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 (.dff & .dsf), FLAC (up to 192kHz/24bit), ALAC (up to 192kHz/24bit), APE (up to 96 kHz/24bit), WAV (up to 192kHz/24bit) and other lossless audio formats. Also support MP2, MP3, WMA and more mainstreams audio formats.
  • [High-Resolution Audio Certified]: Deliver high-fidelity sound reproduction which complies with the High-Resolution Audio standard (96kHz/24-bit or above) and is much better than CDs (44.1kHz/16-bit). Demonstrate subtle audio details more clearly than conventional music players.
  • [High-quality Material]: Equipped with a 2-inch QVGA LCD display screen (320*240 resolution), it enables you to navigate the menu and relevant information easily. Provide fast and accurate operations with an advanced ARM Dual-core Cortex-M3 processor. The TI TPA6130A2 amplifier enables direct-to-battery connections without compromising the listening experience. Adopt the aluminum alloy shell to reduce external interface noises.
  • [Support Expanded Storage]: Come with 8 GB of built-in memory and a memory card slot that support a TF card of up to 256GB (TF card is not included). Easily transmit files between your PC, the built-in 8GB storage and a TF card via the Micro-USB port.
  • [Multi-function and Multi-lingual Selection]: Support music playback, FM radio, high-fidelity voice recording (up to 192kHz/24PCM), line out and TF card reading. 21 different languages are available.



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