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Review: Axum Gear Wireless Earbuds

Review: Axum Gear Wireless Earbuds

I’ve reviewed a LOT (and, I do mean a LOT) of earbuds in my time. As most of you know, I’m always on the lookout for my next perfect pair for running. I’ve long been enamored with the Bragi Dash and originally wrote a review on these back in 2016. Even today, these remain one of my favorites of all time. However, after a couple years I had to move on as the internal battery life has dwindled. I’ve recently been using the Anker NB10’s – which are phenomenal on their own.

But, I’ve been recently testing the latest revision of the Axum wireless earbuds and have to say that these have now become my “goto” earbuds for running and fitness activities. They are in-ear earbuds and fully wireless capable like the Bragi Dash – meaning they connect to each other wirelessly (in addition to the Bluetooth connection with your smartphone) to provide full audio sound. They don’t have the extent of features that the Bragi Dash do, but really, the Bragi Dash features (which now includes Alexa integration) are just nice-to-have and not necessary.

The Axum provides on-ear controls over your music and each earbud can be used separately, i.e., each has its own battery and each needs to be turned on separately. So, if you wanted, you can use just one of the earbuds at a time. Why you would want to do that is beyond me, but I’m sure someone has an example of what soft of value this might provide. For me…I like full audio immersion.

The Axum earbuds come with a charging case (see photos below). The charging case looks more like a casket and its larger than similar earbud offerings. But, its solid and protective and it lights up to let you know that its charging. There’s also a button inside that will tell you how much battery the charging case has left.

Like most earbuds these days, the Axums also offer a speaker for making and receiving phone calls. The on-ear controls allow you to control those, too. I’ve not had a chance to test out the quality of voice with these earbuds, but I rarely answer phone calls when running of working-out.

But really, all that I’ve covered up to now, is pretty hum-drum stuff that you can find in just about any other set of earbuds available today. What really sets the Axum apart is the sound. I mean, isn’t that what you look for in a set of earbuds?

The sound provided by the Axums is loud, immersive, rich, thick, and bounces with more bass than I’ve ever experienced with a set of Bluetooth earbuds – ever. With the number of earbuds I’ve tested and reviewed over time, that’s truly saying something. What makes this work is the 8mm speaker and the Qualcomm chip.

And, on top of that, these things WILL NOT dislodge from your ears. Axum has really figured this piece out. Most earbud manufacturers tout a tight fit, but then they still feel loose and unsure. Once you get the right fit using the included accessories, they feel like part of your ear. Additionally, they are flush with the ear, i.e., they don’t stick out. During cold weather months this is important to me since I bundle my head with a pretty tight cap. After a couple hours running in the cold with the Anker NB10’s, my ears ache. But, since the Axum’s are flush, the cold weather cap isn’t adding any additional pressure.

There is a gotcha with these, though – and one that I think is important. Retail price on these earbuds is $299. Most places are selling them for around $189, but even that is a pretty steep price. But, if you want a set of earbuds that won’t fall out of your ear and has absolutely the best sound ever, its possible $189 is the good price point for you.

The Axum Gear web site:

Available from Axum Wireless Sports Earphones


  • The Only Earbuds That Will Never Fall out
  • The earbuds get 3 Hours Playtime
  • 6 Recharges before the charging case needs to be recharged
  • Takes only 60 min to charge to 100%
  • Customized Large 8mm Speaker
  • Dynamic Driver
  • Qualcomm’s Chip
  • Sweatproof Coating
  • Built-In Microphone
  • Up to 10 meters range
  • Adjustable Hook
  • Portable Charging Case
  • On-Ear Controls



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