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Review: AUKEY Wireless Headphones

Its that time of year, I guess. I have a bundle of new headphones sitting stacked on my desk ready for testing and review. I recently wrote about the iXCC Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Sweatproof Sport Earbuds which I’m actually still using each day. But, for the past week or so, I’ve also been testing the AUKEY Wireless Headphones.

The AUKEY headphones use the ear fan method of securing inside your ear to help ensure they stay put and don’t jostle out from too much activity. During my trek to source the perfect ear buds for exercise a few years ago, this design was favored. And, its still a great design as long as you take the time to fit the headphones properly. Fortunately, AUKEY provides additional fans and ear-tips so you can get the optimum personalized sizing.

The sound on the AUKEY are excellent with deep bass and immersive audio – though (also due to the design) there’s quite a bit of outside noise that seeps through. If you’re in a gym on a treadmill or hitting the weights, this isn’t a problem. However, if you take outside runs in traffic areas, this can keep you from fully enjoying your music. And, if you opt for audio books instead of music, forget trying to listen to the spoken word outside.

The headphones are magnetized, which is a nice nuance. When you strap these around your neck, the magnets connect and provide a secure transport.

One other factor you might consider is that the music and call controls are located on the connecting wire. Some people love this design, but I’ve become accustomed to having the controls directly on the ear piece, making it much easier to reach up and tap instead of fumbling to locate a specific button.

All-in-all, these are a comfortable set of headphones with optimal sound. Personally, I think I’ve graduated beyond this design (I still prefer my Bragi Dash over everything else), but for the price, they are well worth it. And, as a gift, the price and quality makes this set of headphones a pleaser.

These are available from Amazon for around $30: AUKEY Wireless Headphones


  • Comfortable and secure noise-isolating in-ear headphones that deliver rich, robust sound with punchy bass. Featuring aptX technology for purer wireless audio
  • Magnetically clip together for convenient and secure carry around your neck. Great for use on-the-go; walking, commuting, travelling, and more
  • Connect quickly with Bluetooth 4.1, to two devices simultaneously, and effortlessly manage audio playback & calls with volume controls, multi-function button, and built-in 6th generation cVc noise-cancelling microphone
  • Comfortable ear-tips (in three sizes) provide a smooth seal for your ears, isolating you from external noise. IPX4-certified water-resistance ensures sweat and rain on your run don’t mess with your music
  • Package Contents: AUKEY EP-B40 Latitude Wireless Earbuds, Micro-USB Cable, Three Pairs of Ear-Tips, Three Pairs of In-Ear Ear-hooks, Carrying Pouch, User Manual, 24-Month Warranty Card



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