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Resource Explorer Empty

After customizing your sms_def.mof and then backing out the changes and deleting the associated tables it created resource explorer displays no data for clients. This occurs even though data is present in SQL and can be queried for successfully.

This occurs because the tables to pull information from for display in resource explorer are added to another table and called through a stored procedure and if they are not present (because we deleted them!) resource explorer will fail to display any data. To track this down we need to start in the resourceexplorer.log located under X:\SMSInstallPath\AdminUI\AdminUILog\

You should see errors like this…

Description = “Can’t execute sp_GetGroupsWithData”;
ErrorCode = 2169048834;
File = “e:\\nts_sms_fre\\sms\\siteserver\\sdk_provider\\smsprov\\sspresourcemanager.cpp”;
Line = 1401;
ObjectInfo = “Please check SMS Provider log file for details of the SQL errors”;


Then checking the smsprov.log you will see something like this…

ERROR> SQL command failed: exec sp_GetGroupsWithData 42710, 0

Manually executing this command in SQL will list the tables it is trying to query but cannot find. And then opening the stored procedure for GetGroupsWithData you can find out what table this procedure is running against which is GroupMap.

You can then open the GroupMap table and should see the tables listed that failed when manually executing GetGroupsWithData which you can then delete those entries and reopen resource explorer and it should be working again. Hope this makes sense!

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