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Report: All distribution points for a specific package

The web report query below returns the list of Distribution Points for a specific package, separated by "Installed" and "Not Installed". I created this report to help me understand what Distribution Points were missing particular packages.

SELECT pkg.Name,
SUBSTRING(dp.ServerNALPath, CHARINDEX(‘\\’, dp.ServerNALPath) + 2, CHARINDEX(‘"]’, dp.ServerNALPath) – CHARINDEX(‘\\’, dp.ServerNALPath) – 3 ) as C070,
FROM v_Package pkg
LEFT OUTER JOIN v_DistributionPoint dp ON pkg.PackageID = dp.PackageID
WHERE pkg.PackageID = @PackageID
ORDER by C070

SELECT distinct SUBSTRING(ServerNALPath, CHARINDEX(‘\\’, ServerNALPath) + 2, CHARINDEX(‘"]’, ServerNALPath) – CHARINDEX(‘\\’, ServerNALPath) – 3 ) as C070,
FROM v_Package
LEFT OUTER JOIN v_DistributionPoint ON v_Package.PackageID = v_DistributionPoint.PackageID
WHERE v_DistributionPoint.ServerNALPath NOT IN (SELECT v_DistributionPoint.ServerNALPath FROM v_DistributionPoint WHERE v_DistributionPoint.PackageID = @PackageID) and v_DistributionPoint.ServerNALPath IS NOT NULL
ORDER by C070

Copy and paste the above query into web reporting, remembering to create a prompt. Or simply download the attached TXT file, rename it to a MOF and import it into Reporting.

All distribution points for a specific package (custom).mof.txt

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