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Report: All collections for a specific computer

The web report query below returns the collection membership for a specific computer name. It also displays whether the collection has an advertisement associated with it. I’ve found it very helpful when trying to determine what advertisements a client should be receiving as well as if the client has ended up in some "funny" collections. It is similar to the canned report "All advertisements for a specific computer".

SELECT fcm.Name,

FROM v_Collection col JOIN
v_FullCollectionMembership fcm ON col.CollectionID=fcm.CollectionID LEFT JOIN
v_Advertisement adv ON col.CollectionID=adv.CollectionID

WHERE fcm.Name LIKE @name
ORDER BY col.Name

Copy and paste the above query into web reporting, remembering to create a prompt. Or simply download the attached TXT file, rename it to a MOF and import it into  Reporting.

All collections for a specific computer (custom).mof.txt

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