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Put Your IT Knowledge To The Test & Enter To Win Big!

It’s a new month and a new year so be sure to visit the SolarWinds thwack community for some valuable IT management tips and of course enter to win big in this month’s thwack mission. 

What is thwack? It’s an online community that lets you interact with over 130,000 community members to discuss technology, exchange ideas about IT management, and learn more productive and cost-effective ways to your job.  

In addition to being a great resource for information and IT management ideas, thwack is home to the thwack mission. These monthly contests let you put your knowledge of all things IT to the test and enter to possibly win some extraordinary prizes. We’ve given away everything from Chromebooks, a Star Wars limited edition Xbox, a couple of GoPro cameras, a drone or two, too many tablets to count, and just about every other newly released tech gadget on the market today.  

With SolarWind’s January thwack mission, Help Desk Impossible, it’s impossible not to have fun. Your task is simple, read some clues, figure out some keywords, and decipher the code. Have fun, earn thwack points for participation, and enter a chance to win big! 

Put your tech-speak acumen to the test by decrypting messages gleaned from some of the keenest minds in all of IT, literature, and the cinema. Here’s your chance to eruditely probe through codes, clues, and keywords to decipher a secret message where the entire planet (well, at least a really cool prize) hangs in the balance and proudly say “mission accomplished.” 

Visit the January thwack mission for an exciting adventure of unraveling clues and deciphering a code that can win you a big prize!

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