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Year old product comparison turns into a blogger brawl

A while back (September of 2011), Anoop (blogger and Microsoft-selected Community Contributor), posted up a questionable piece of information that was a direct comparison between two competing products.  Without relating his own experience with the two products, or describing any evident relationship between the two competing companies, a single blog post turned into a two-parter. Folks within the community questioned the content in the posts because the posts appeared to show a fair bit of copy/paste from various sources (unconfirmed).

The two posts:

ConfigMgr (SCCM) – Comparison – Adaptiva Onesite Vs 1E SMSNomad

ConfigMgr (SCCM) – Ten Questions You Should Ask About Adaptiva One Site and 1E Nomad Before You Buy

In addition to the complaints about the copy/paste issue, several community members and actual users of the products were left a bit confused because a lot of inaccuracies were present in the comparison.  A couple customers even attempted to reach out to Anoop to help him “fix” the content.  I’m not even sure anymore what happened at that point, i.e, whether or not the aid was accepted, or that it just got lost in the shuffle.

Eventually, the popularity of the comparison trailed off, and it was forgotten.  Remember the new/old adage – not everything you read on the Internet is true – so, at that time is was probably best that it was forgotten.

A year later, a rebuttal post has surfaced on the System Center Central web site, written by Pete Zerger.  Pete works for Infront Consulting, who I believe is a partner with one of the compared product companies.  I’m not positive on that, though.

Pete’s post reopens the accuracy issues in Anoop’s original comparison and speaks to the errors point-by-point.  It’s a well-thought out and interesting read:

Response to the “1E Nomad questions you should ask” article

Pete’s rebuttal was posted on September 25, 2012.  On Sepetember 26, 2012, Anoop posted a follow-up response on the old blog post – evidence that we may have forgotten about the old content, but a few people haven’t.

Anoop’s response:

Update 26-Sept-2012  : I’ve seen some other post which claims my post is the comparison between ”1E’s Nomad 2012 and Adaptiva OneSite”  The author of that post must have at least cross checked the release date of my post i.e 7-Sep-2011 and the release date of Nomad 2012 :) . As per myITforum post, 25 July 2012, 1E, the global leader in IT efficiency software, today announced the launch ofNomad 2012™.

I didn’t had enough time to get this post updated with the comparison between 1E Nomad 2012 and the latest version of Adaptiva OneSite. I’m happy that 1E Nomad team taken my comparisons seriously and  improved their product.

So…it looks like this whole issue isn’t dead after all.  It’ll be interesting to see what comes next.

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