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PowerShell Script to Download and Install Updates from Windows Update and WSUS

From the myITforum TipLine:

Script to download and install updates from Windows Update/WSUS. Reporting and rebooting may be customized.

To manage Windows Update in an automated way we can access the Windows Update Agent API using a COM-object called Microsoft.Update.Session. Using the New-Object cmdlet in Windows PowerShell, it`s easy to work with this COM-object. Based on this COM-object and portions of James O`Neill`s functions for managing Windows Update, I`ve written a PowerShell-script called Invoke-WindowsUpdate.

Download: Invoke-WindowsUpdate

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  1. Can this be modified to just report on the updates that would download? Windows 10 won’t let us look at the list of what’s available without installing them, for some unintelligible reason… Thanks!

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