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PowerShell DSC moving to Core and Cloud Model, Shedding Windows-centric Capability

Microsoft today, in a DSC Future Direction Update, has given an outline on how its PowerShell DSC component will evolve in the near and long term.

The company will be moving away from a DSC that is different for multiple platforms and instead focus on a cloud-focused, single Core that works for all platforms. As for the current DSC model, Microsoft will continue to support Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration, and it should continue to run simultaneously with the new bits. However, customers should treat it as a migration scenario as new features will only be presented into the new DSC Core platform.

  • DSC Resources: There will be support for native C resources, PowerShell 6 and Python (on Linux) supported resources. All existing and new DSC resources that use supported.NET standard 2.0 commands will work with DSC Core.
  • Cmdlets: The existing cmdlets will not work with DSC Core. A new set of cmdlets will be provided for use with DSC Core. We will do our best to maintain backward compatibility of these new cmdlets with Windows PowerShell DSC as well as maintaining script compatibility (ie. cmdlets will have same names and parameters).
  • Azure DSC Extension: A new Azure extension will be provided that uses DSC Core.
  • Pull Server: The existing protocol that DSC uses to communicate with the Pull Server will be supported by DSC Core so existing Pull Server as well as Azure Automation DSC(AA DSC) will be compatible with DSC Core.
  • Configurations: Configuration scripts will be fully supported and will require no changes. They will just need to be compiled in PowerShell 6.



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