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PerlStalker takes a stand against booth babes

To set the stage, @PerlStalker was our runner-up winner for the Twitter Army at MMS 2011.  Excellent individual, and today I think found new respect for him.  Something I’ve always felt myself, but kind of just let it go, @PerlStalker put into words what I thought.

He’s a regular attendee at events, including the Microsoft Management Summit, but this year he felt he had to say his peace.  I fully agree with him and am putting my support behind his effort to boycott vendor booths that hire women to attract visitors.

Read his full post: Booth Babes Are Not Necessary

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  1. Different things attract different people to a vendors booth. Booth Babes are no different than T-Shirts, XBox’s, Harleys or the Run to get the MyITForum badge. It’s all just marketing.

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