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Patch Management / Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday for March 2017 is Coming But Its Guesswork

Famously now, Microsoft skipped patching its Windows platform in February 2017 for an uncited reason and stated that it would restart the updating engines for March’s Patch Tuesday.

Patch Tuesday is now just a day away and Microsoft has  a lot of catching up to do.

Will the company provide security fixes for the myriad of zero-day flaws that have cropped up since the last security update? Will customers see fixes for vulnerabilities that have been left unfixed since late 2016? Can customers count on Microsoft to patch wide-open security holes that 3rd parties have take upon themselves to provide their own patches for Microsoft’s own customers?

Missing a single month has had wide-ranging repercussions. For those tasked with keeping corporate assets safe it may have seemed like a short vacation, but in the end it has left customers in a potentially dangerous state.

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