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Pasting a list into SCCM SSRS Report Parameter


Consider you have a repot that accepts a parameter for computer name and provides you with data on a single computer.  What if a customer asked you to provide that same report for a list of computers?


Choose your own adventure:

Option 1. You run the report over and over for each list of users.

Option 2. You dump the SQL query into SQL Management studio, modify the query, then export the results to your customer.

Option 3. You provide a multi-valued drop-down text box parameter and let your customer run their own reports.


So you’ve chosen to let them eat cake (option 3) – or at least I’m going to write as if you chose option 3.  Because if you have much experience in SCCM reporting, there’s a strong chance that user will come back with a different list one day – and possibly sooner than you think.


This scenario has plagued me over and over again since before SSRS reporting for SCCM was a even a thing. 

Here it is:

  1. Create a new parameter called @ListOfComputerNames
  2. In the where clause of your SQL statement, you may have something like…. “where netbios_name0 = @ComputerName”.  Change it to “where netbios_name0 in (@ListOfComputerNames)”
  3. In the Report Parameter Properties, select the “Allow multiple values” check box


That’s it!  Now when you run the report, you can past your list into the drop-down list box and run the report. 


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