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OpsMgr 2007: How to backup the RMS Encryption Key command line

Part of a good backup strategy of an Operations Manager 2007 Environment would include backing up the Root Management Servers Encryption key after any changes or additions are made to the Run As accounts. The Root Management Server Encryption Key stores the Run As account information in the Management Group.

In order to backup the RMS encryption key you will need to copy the Operations Manager 2007 SP1 Source Files to the RMS. Then explore the proper folder for SecureStorageBackup.exe under the SupportTools folder or under the X64 SupportTools folder depending on which OS your RMS is running. SecureStorageBackup.exe can be run from either the gui wizard or from the command line. Both the gui wizard and the command line methods require a password of at least 8 characters long to secure the information in the file.

The command line help looks something like this:

E:\SCOMSP1\SupportTools>securestoragebackup ?
Invalid arguments
SecureStorageBackup <Backup|Restore> <BackupFile>

Example of running it from the command line would be

E:\SCOMSP1\SupportTools>securestoragebackup backup
Please enter the password to use for storage/retrieval
Please re-enter your password
Key successfully backed up to E:\RMSKeyBackup9-30-08\RMSKeyBackup.bin

I would suggest creating a log of when and what changes are made to the run as accounts, and after the changes are made backing up the RMS Encryption Key.

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