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Operations Manager 2007 PowerShell cmdlet approve-agentpendingaction

The approve-agentpendingaction cmdlet approves the specified agent pending action.
The approve-agentpendingaction cmdlet is works much like the reject-agentpendingaction in that the cmdlet
is expecting to have data piped from the get-agentpendingaction cmdlet.
Again the example in help shows how to do approve all agent pending actions.

How to approve only the agents whose status is "RepairFailed".

>get-agentpendingaction | where-object {$_.AgentPendingActionType -eq "RepairFailed"} | Approve-AgentPendingAction -WhatIf

What if: Performing operation "Approve-AgentPendingAction" on Target "BIODTL.My.Company.Com".

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