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Operations Manager 2007 Percent Free Disk Space Monitor

Monitoring free disk space in a large Operations Manager environment can be difficult. Different support teams could have different threshold requirements, and server builds between teams can very. Each of these issues has their own unique challenges. To work with these challenges in MOM 2005 modifications were made to the MOM 2005 Script – Microsoft Windows Storage State Monitoring Script – from Version 2 to Version 3, which was changed to only use percentage free disk space as its threshold. The other Version 2 functionality, referring to the DiskThreshold.MOM and NoDiskAlerts.MOM files were kept.

Operations Manager 2007 free disk space script monitor had the same problem the original mom 2005 script had. It required a disk to cross both a percent free and free megabytes thresholds before an alert would be fired off. This script only works on logical disks, not mount points. Monitoring of mount points is done by another script/monitor.

What’s in the Management Pack?

This management pack contains one Monitor named Logical Disk Free Space – Customized that runs the modified Operations Manager 2007 free disk space script. The monitor is setup to run every 15 minutes on the hour. The monitor is disabled by default. There are four rules to catch possible errors that are written to the agents Operations Manager event log.

I’ve edited the original Operations Manager 2007 free disk space script and removed the megabytes free space threshold settings. I then added the two functions from the MOM 2005 version 3 script that allows administrators the ability to set their own thresholds on an individual disk using a percentage value using the DiskThreshold.MOM file, or disable alerting all together on a per disk basis using the NoDiskAlerts.MOM file. Script logging has been added, for both informational alerts as well as error conditions, to allow for auditing of what is going on with the script. Events are written to the agents Operations Manager event log.

Read the entire document in the zip file to fully understand what this management pack does. Test this Management Pack in a lab setting before deploying to production.

The MP in XML format and the associated document are in the attached Zip File.

Download: Operations Manager 2007 Script Percent Free Disk

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