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OneNote 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts

Become a OneNote power user, or just impress your friends with these keyboard shortcuts for OneNote 2016.

CTRL+M Open a new OneNote window.
CTRL+A Select all items on the current page. Press CTRL+A more than once to increase the scope of the selection.
SHIFT+F7 Open the thesaurus for the currently selected word.
CTRL+SHIFT+H or CTRL+ALT+H Highlight selected text in the currently selected highlight color.
CTRL+SHIFT+C Copy the formatting of the selected text (     Format Painter).
CTRL+SHIFT+V Paste the formatting to the selected text (      Format Painter).
CTRL+HYPHEN Apply or remove strikethrough from the selected text.
CTRL+SHIFT+= Apply or remove superscript formatting from the selected text.
CTRL+= Apply or remove subscript formatting from the selected text.
CTRL+PERIOD Apply or remove bulleted list formatting from the selected paragraph.
CTRL+SLASH Apply or remove numbered list formatting from the selected paragraph.
CTRL+ALT+1 (or else 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6) Apply a Heading style to the current note.
CTRL+SHIFT+N Clear all formatting and apply the Normal style to the currently selected text.
CTRL+SHIFT+> Increase the font size of selected text.
CTRL+SHIFT+< Decrease the font size of selected text.
Windows logo key+SHIFT+S Take a screen clipping. The OneNote icon must be active in the notification area, at the far right of the Windows taskbar.
ALT+SHIFT+D Insert the current date. Use ALT+SHIFT+F to include the time as well.
CTRL+ENTER Create a row below the current row in a table.
ALT+ENTER Create another paragraph in the same cell in a table.
CTRL+ALT+R Create a column to the right of the current column in a table.
DEL (with the cursor in the first cell in the row) Delete the current empty row in a table. Press DEL a second time to eliminate the empty space.
ALT+LEFT ARROW Go back to the last page visited.
ALT+RIGHT ARROW Go forward to the next page visited.
F11 Enable or disable full page view.
ALT+CTRL+PLUS SIGN or CTRL+Mouse wheel up Zoom in.
ALT+CTRL+MINUS SIGN or CTRL+Mouse wheel down Zoom out.
CTRL+F Search only the current page. You can switch between searching everywhere and searching only the current page at any point by pressing CRTL+E.
DOWN ARROW While searching all notebooks, preview the next result.
ENTER While searching all notebooks, go to the selected result and dismiss Search.
ALT+O after searching Open the Search Results pane for advanced search options.
ENTER or F3 While searching the current page, move to the next result.
CTRL+SHIFT+E Send the selected pages in an email message.
CTRL+SHIFT+1 Create a Today Outlook task from the currently selected note.
SHIFT+F9 Sync changes in the current shared notebook (Using F9 alone will sync changes in all shared notebooks).
CTRL+Q Mark the current page as Unread.
CTRL+ALT+L Lock all password-protected sections.


Download in MS Word format: Save time with OneNote 2016 keyboard shortcuts

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