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Odyssey Software at MMS 2012

That’s right.  I said “Odyssey Software”, but if I were to be accurate and more politically correct I would say “OdysseyNow a part of Symantec”.  That’s what you actually hear when you talk to someone at Odyssey on the phone now since the acquisition by Symantec.  Things change quickly.

I received an email from Ginny Brandreth at Odyssey today, and while things are changing, you’ll still be able to connect with the “Odyssey” technology at MMS 2012.

Personally,  I really appreciate the support and confidence you have given Odyssey Software.  While we won’t be the team in blue and white at MMS, we’re still the same people!!  We’d love it if you let folks know that Booth 220 will have all the familiar faces   – (Mark Gentile, David Yeaple, Jim Sullivan, Jon Mackey, Jeff Beyer, Tom D’Amico, Doug Field) that the Microsoft community –reps and customers – have known for years.    We have a great story to tell..really, it’s all good news!

So, while Athena herself won’t be there this year, her memory will live on in the newly knighted OdysseyNow a part of Symantec minions at MMS 2012.

In Memory


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