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No more search folders in Configuration Manager 2012

Configuration Manager 2012 replaced Search Folders with a seemingly more robust search box.  Unfortunately it is not quite as intuitive as the Search Folders we are used to.  In 2007, we have lots of subfolders under each node to logically separate packages and advertisements by vendors and programs.

Computer Management

–    Software Distribution

–    –    Packages

–    –    –    Microsoft

–    –    –    –    Office 2007 Standard

–    –    –    –    Office 2010 Professional

–    –    –    –    Etc.

…but with this structure it is sometimes difficult to find a particular package, especially when the vendor may have changed several times over the years.  For the best of both worlds, we create a search folder named “All Packages” that displays everything at once, allowing the user to filter down to what she’s looking for.

Creating a new search

With 2012 accomplishing the same is not quite so simple.  To get around the inability to create an “All Applications” search folder, we create and reuse a new search with the following steps:

  • Click on a node, such as Software Library, Overview, Application Management, Applications






  • In the search bar, click Add Criteria
  • Select any criteria and click Add





  • Click the All Subfolders button in the ribbon






  • You will see a new criteria of <Current Node + Subfolders> in the search box
  • Click the Search button in the search bar



  • Click Save Current Search in the ribbon to create a reusable search object
  • Enter a name like “All Applications” and click OK.





Using the search

  • Browse to the node
  • Click Saved Searches in the ribbon and select Manage Searches for current node




  • Double-click your search (or single-click and press [OK])

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