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Nifty use for our new Evernote integration, save Jobs and apply later

We recently rolled out Evernote integration on, allowing you to save articles, content, etc., to your Evernote notebook for reading later on.  Some folks are already starting to create daily “magazines” to read in bed at night.

You can read about the integration here:  myITforum integrates with Evernote allows you to create a read-it-later magazine

One neat feature about the integration is that Evernote also works across the entire site (most of it anyway), even in our Jobs Service.  If you find a few available jobs that seem interesting, just add them to your Evernote notebook and review them later on.  Don’t want your boss looking over your shoulder while you scope out a new opportunity?  Read it later.  You can even apply for the Jobs straight from whatever device you run Evernote on.

Evernote Jobs integration

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