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Nice myITforum coverage in recent BDNA press release

BDNA has formally, officially announced their Normalize for ConfigMgr product in a press release.  Unless it comes in a press release, it’s not real, right?  In this press release, there’s some nice attribute tidbits for myITforum.

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The press release:

BDNA Announces BDNA Normalize for ConfigMgr(TM)

Make Your SCCM Data Work Harder Now @ BDNA

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Mar 07, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — BDNA Corp., the leading provider of The Common Language for IT(TM) that translates and enriches data from your disparate IT systems into a consistent, complete information asset that drives IT transformation, today announced the availability of BDNA Normalize for ConfigMgr(TM) (Normalize CM(TM)).

BDNA Normalize CM brings that common language to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) transforming its often-inconsistent, incomplete data into powerful information that enables confident, timely decision-making and improves the effectiveness of your information driven operational tasks. While SCCM delivers a powerful operational solution for desktop and server management, it doesn’t provide much data apart from what it can discover. As a result, it is missing key pieces of intelligence such as whether or not software was installed as part of a suite, whether an application is free or licensable, where the application is in its support life cycle, etc. SCCM hardware data lacks key information such as power consumption details, support lifecycle information, and Windows 7 compatibility.

BDNA Normalize CM solves this problem. Rather than adding yet another configuration management store to your environment, Normalize CM simply clarifies and supplements the data that’s already in SCCM. Existing data is normalized and aligned, to current vendor names, version information, and more. Market data is added, including consistent categories for software applications, support lifecycle information, compatibility details, and other information. Normalize CM utilizes BDNA Technopedia to clarify and supplement the data. Technopedia is a continually updated structured IT master catalog containing more than 17 million market data points for more than 170,000 software releases and over 200,000 hardware models. Normalize CM makes the updated data available in the Configuration Manager console for WMI queries, and SSRS reporting and for driving business initiatives such as Windows 7 migration, elimination of obsolete and unused software etc.

"The normalized data from BDNA provided my organization all elements needed for a successful Windows 7 Migration project," said Jon Marcum, a myITforum community member and a Microsoft SCCM MVP. "For example, by normalizing the SCCM data using BDNA Normalize for CM, our team was able to be 100% focused on planning and deployment of Windows 7, instead of trying to analyze the SCCM data and browsing the internet for the windows 7 compatibility information for the products installed in our environment."

"Our community has worked very closely with BDNA from conception to launch of this product and they are very excited about what it is able to do for the SCCM administrators," said Rod Trent, CEO of, the acknowledged centralized community for Microsoft System Center technologies and systems management methodologies. "We often see over fifteen hundred people from our community participate in educational webcasts that we jointly conduct with BDNA."

"I believe that BDNA Normalize CM is a must-have solution for all Microsoft shops," said John Nelson, former President, Minnesota System Center User Group and 2009 SCCM MVP. "Its ability to help users find nuggets of information in mounds of data by normalizing and enriching it is unique."

Key benefits of Normalize CM:

— Maximize your existing SCCM investment by normalizing the SCCM data and adding context with additional attributes such as Windows 7 compatibility, support information, power consumption, end-of life etc.

— Empower the SCCM administrators by bringing normalized and enriched information back into SCCM, making it available in the Configuration Manager console. Automated catalog refreshes keep your normalized information always current

— Utilize more than 100 queries and collections and 60 reports out-of-the-box, so you can immediately get the information you need

Normalize CM will be priced at $10 per endpoint for a perpetual license, with discounts for volume pricing. A promotional price of $3 per endpoint is offered until March 31, 2012. Anyone who registers and downloads the trial version by March 12, 2012 will be entered to win a full conference pass to MMS.

A 60-day, 1,000 endpoint downloadable trial version of the product is available now from .

About BDNA

BDNA is a leading provider of solutions that enable a common language of IT to provide the most comprehensive and accurate view into its IT infrastructure in order to drive critical processes and projects around data centers, desktops, software and enterprise architecture.

Core to its value proposition is BDNA Technopedia the world’s most comprehensive and continually updated IT reference catalog, for IT containing more than 17 million market data points for more than 175,000 software releases and over 200,000 hardware models. BDNA Normalize and Normalize CM draw on the data in your existing IT systems, and utilize Technopedia to make that data accurate, consistent, contextual, rich and accessible. More than 350 companies rely on BDNA’s patented technologies for normalization, data enrichment and discovery, dramatically increasing visibility and reducing the time and overhead involved in developing and executing on strategic IT initiatives. To learn more about BDNA and its products –Technopedia, BDNA Normalize, BDNA Normalize CM and BDNA Discover, visit us at .

Technopedia, BDNA Discover, BDNA Normalize, BDNA Normalize ITC, BDNA Normalize for ConfigMgr (Normalize CM), and The Common Language of IT are trademarks of BDNA Corporation. Other trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks are property of their respective owners.

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