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NexDock Not Dead Yet

Remember NexDock? The company spent early 2016 touting a laptop shell that could turn a smartphone into a full-fledged working environment. The gadget even supported Windows Mobile and Continuum technology – which had many Windows ecosystem lovers enamored. NexDock launched from a crowdfunded campaign that raised $ 360K for the development of the first generation of NexDocks. NexDock reportedly shipped the devices to approximately 3,000 backers in 60 countries around the world.

But, productions problems (including a fire in the warehouse) prevented NexDock devices from making any sort of splash during 2016. Most had counted the company out. An email from the company today states that NexDock is still alive and planning some amazing new concepts this year.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we started working on the new NexDock based on the just announced innovative Intel® Compute Card. As one of Intel’s initial regional partners for the Intel Compute Card, the new NexDock will be the first docking unit that supports the Intel Compute Cards in 2-in-1 laptop form.

The new NexDock will come with some awesome features. While supporting an active cooling base of Intel Compute Cards, it will also have a very ergonomic design. A built-in kickstand will make it easier to watch videos or type. It will also feature interchangeable USB Type-C modules for more productivity at the office or on-the-go. The new NexDock will continue to support many other devices such as Windows 10 smartphones with continuum feature, Raspberry Pi and other devices with a USB-C port and be launched around mid-2017.

NexDock is only the beginning of our vision. We plan on expanding the product range with additional NexDock models with variety of sizes and form factors. By separating processor & OS from the displays, we are hoping to start a paradigm shift in consumer electronics, which will enable less electronic waste for environment and longer lasting computers.

nexdock-computecard-jpeg nexdock-w10-jpeg

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