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New Site to Site data replication flow in SMS 2003 and ConfigMgr 2007 explained

Excellent write up on replication process of ConfigMgr in details from Terry McKinney .

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Hi everyone, Terry McKinney here. Below is a quick-reference document that illustrates the MOST COMMON site to site data replication flow path in SMS 2003 and ConfigMgr 2007. There are exceptions to this flow path of course so see the document referenced below for specifics on these exceptions and for greater detail on site to site replication.

New deep-dive document: Component details and data flow for site-to-site replication in SMS 2003 and Configuration Manager 2007

NOTE: Question marks (???) in the text below indicate random character generation by SMSExcec thread processing.

SMSExec thread component on source site initiates replication request

SMSExecutive thread component that is requesting data replication places the data to be replicated in\outbound\low OR\outbound\normal OR\outbound\ high folder. Low (3), normal (2), and high (1) specify replication priority requested by the SMSExec thread that requests replication.


Replication Manager (ReplMgr) scans the three folders listed above for incoming data. Replmgr prepares the job source files by combining data files destined for replication to a given site in the \\process\<destinationsitecode>_<priority> folder (i.e., XYZ_2). If there are no pending replication requests to a given site that have the same replication priority, Replmgr implements steps A and B listed below. It there are pending replication requests to that site that have the same replication priority that are already scheduled for replication, data for new request(s) is held in the\process\<destinationsitecode>_<priority> folder. Data for the new request(s) will remain in the\process\<destinationsitecode>_<priority> folder until the pending same-priority request completes data replication OR the new replication request(s) reaches 6 hours in age. At this time, Replmgr will implement steps A and B listed below. If a replication job of the same priority and destination site is still pending, ReplMgr implements steps A and B below to create an additional same-priority replication request for that site.

A. Data to be replicated is moved to \\ready\<priority>_??????.<destinationsitecode> (i.e., 2_SKEJFS.XYZ). This folder is referenced in log files as the “transfer root”.

B. ReplMgr then creates a .JOB file in the \ folder.

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Glad to share something that I've gone through in my professional career. I've 12+ years of experience in Information Technology and since 2006 am working with SMS and then SCCM.

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