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New regular feature on myITforum: The Friday Fun Post

Our intent on is to focus on systems management (primarily System Center), but we all like to have fun, too.  We’re geeks and even though we harbor on IT madness, we love to read about and do geeky stuff. So, we are implementing a new feature for Friday’s only: the Friday Fun Post. 

We are inviting all of our bloggers and columnists to drop a post on the site that is geeky and fun. Keep it geeky and appropriate!  When you bloggers and columnists post on Fridays, just make sure to use the “Friday Fun Post” category when posting and preface the post with “Friday Fun Post:  ”.  That’s it!

As an example, we have our very first Friday Fun Post today, entitled: Friday Fun Post: Microsoft unveils Star Wars-like holographic technology, Leia may reach Obi-wan yet

Have fun!

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