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New eBook: Software Packaging and Deployment..not the Bible, pretty close

My buddy, David Stein, has written some excellent volumes over the course of the past couple years and has really honed his communication skills.  So, I really appreciate being able to read through and review a pre-release copy of his new book over the 2011 holidays.  David’s latest endeavor, "Grinding Gears – Software Repackaging and Deployment for the Windows Platform” went live this morning.

Software packaging and deployment should be interesting to just about anyone that frequents, but I have to say, the way David writes, this book may be interesting to everyone else, too.  Sure, you’re kids will probably not glean much from it (except, maybe, the part about elephant ankle biters), but David writes in a way that makes you want to read on and actually enables you to understand the concepts right away.  You won’t need to read each sentence twice (like some books) to comprehend what David is saying, though you may want to once you latch on to his sense of humor.

Available in Kindle format, you can read it on any device capable of displaying’s eBook format.  AND, this book is Lending Library enabled!

Grinding Gears - Software Repackaging and Deployment for the Windows Platform

What is the rationale upon which a software deployment is built? How does a software packaging engineer qualify a decision to use one method or another for each new task? When should you repackage using a snapshot process, versus making a transform file, versus writing a script? Should you bundle your application into a base operating system image library, or install it on layer 1 or 2 using a task sequence? Or should you deploy it later? How do you quantify the advantages of automation?

What are your options for packaging, testing, and deploying software? What kinds of testing do I need to worry about? What about Group Policy? What about scripting?

In this book I will explore all of these questions and more. I will also dive into some of the more common tools and techniques used to prepare software for mass distribution in an enterprise environment. But what if you only support a dozen computers? No worries, we will explore that end of the range as well.

Scripting, packaging, transforms, updates, upgrades, removals, group policy, MDT and WAIK, Configuration Manager and OSD images and task sequences, and much more. This is the life of a software deployment engineer. Let’s see if it’s something you’d like to pursue.

Grinding Gears – Software Repackaging and Deployment for the Windows Platform

  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B006XL6YC8
  • Text-to-Speech: Enabled
  • Lending: Enabled

Price:  $10.99

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