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Windows 10

New Cortana Capability to Shutdown, Restart, or Lock Your Device

One of the promised updates to Cortana in Windows 10 Creators Update is the ability to manage the shutdown, restart and locking of your device. There’s a bunch of Windows 10 Creators Update changelogs available on other sites that show this capability is supposed to be present already.

However, the only one of these capabilities currently available in the public release of Windows 10 Creators Update (with the most current CU installed) is the ability for Cortana to lock the device – which is still a pretty cool function.

Say: “Hey, Cortana. Lock my device” or “Hey, Cortana. Lock my computer”

Cortana will say: “Locking your computer…”

When you attempt to have Cortana Shutdown or Restart the computer, she gives the following message…


So, the extra abilities are coming…we’ll just have to wait and see which update delivers them.

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