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myITforum’s New Tip Line

Many of you have emailed us wondering who is behind the curtain here at myITforum when articles are tagged as authored by myITforum News, or myITforum Tips, etc.

While we have a lot of great content supplied by original authors, we also have a lot of great content that comes in via tips over email. These come from folks that want to participate in the community but don’t want have time to dedicate to a regular column. The number of these types of submissions have increased so much over the past year, we’ve decided to rollout a special Tip Line email address.

If you have an IT Pro, Developer or Industry tip that you’d like to share, drop an email to:

In the email with your tip also let us know if you’d like attribution for the tip and how you’d like it to be attributed. If the email contains an insider, industry tip, let us know how you came upon it.

But, also – by all means, if you want a place to blog where you know your useful and helpful content will actually be read, we’re always happy to create an author account for you.

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