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myITforum exclusive! Private Beta to an actually useful new social network

Those who have participated in Google+ understand it can be a weird environment at times.  Facebook is generally considered a “friends and family” network, and LinkedIn has turned into little more than a job and resume service.  There’s simply no real social network for IT people.  For the longest time, there has been no online area where IT workers can get useful information while connecting and participating in something monumental.  Someone forgot about IT.

Technopedia (social) is seeking to change that.

BDNA’s Technopedia is the defacto standard in a technology catalog containing hundreds of thousands of data points, and they are opening up those data points to allow IT to locate and manage the information stored there.  You can do things like follow a technology and be notified when it changes, follow an individual, search for tips and tricks (and even add your own) for installing and uninstalling specific software.  You can ask questions and get answers about the technologies represented there.

Technopedia (social) puts a friendly face on Big Data and gives you, the member of Technopedia, the ability to get immediate and constant value from information that makes your job easier.  And, by having the data “socialized”, you get to participate in expanding the information and creating a repository of information that knows no bounds.

So, yeah…a social network with actual value.

Special for myITforum members

myITforum members can get a “golden ticket” to participate in the private beta of Technopedia (socia) by doing the following:

  1. Sign-up and download the Free Trial of Normalize CM here:
  2. Through your registration, your name will automatically be “put on the list” to receive an invitation (email) to participate in the Technopedia (social) private beta when it opens on September 17th, 2012.

In addition to participating in the private beta, you’ll also get to participate in a few contests (with real prizes) to help BDNA identify bugs, get feedback, and understand better how you will use the site.

P.S. If you have signed up at any time on already, you have been automatically added to the private beta list.  You’ll be notified to sign in once the beta site is online.

Screen Shots

Here’s some sneak-preview screen shots (some of these will change prior to the private beta)…

Private Beta

Adobe Results

Microsoft Windows Results

Quest Software Product Page

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