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MSIX Packaging Tool Now Supports Apps that Require Restarts

MSIX Packaging Tool Now Supports Apps that Require Restarts
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Development for Microsoft’s next generation packaging and modern software distribution tool is continuing. This month’s release delivers a much requested ability to handle applications that require restarting the computer. Essentially, if an app forces a reboot of the computer during installation, the packager will restart in the same place once the computer is restarted and the packaging process is continued.

Here’s the full list of new and modified stuff this month:

  • Support for desktop installers that require restart
    • Auto-login option for restart
  • New options in app settings
    • Specify a default cert to sign packages with
    • Specify exit codes for installers that require restart
    • Exit code for restarts list in Settings includes common default values
  • Ability to add new, unknown, and custom capabilities through the package editor
  • Automatically sets MinVersion to 1709 when Store versioning requirements are turned off in Settings
  • New folders can be added under Assets in Package editor
  • Restore default settings and exclusion items now also clears signing certificate password and exit codes
  • Fixed an issue where first launch tasks weren’t getting properly deleted
  • Will ignore shortcuts to excluded files during package creation
  • Defaults to signing a package if a default signing certificate is specified in the settings
  • Honor PowerShell installer exit codes
  • Informs the user when they need a restart for the driver

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