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More DCM basics on SCCM 2012

Satish’s post: Compliance Settings SCCM 2012

I came across this post by Satish Pandita the other day and thought it was quite useful since I’ve posted a tutorial about DCM. It talks about compliance settings and goes into more detail than I did. There’s 2 examples used in the post and it gives you great step by steps with screenshots (woohoo!) of how to get the examples set up as well as explanation on what to look out for in the logs when DCM isn’t working the way you thought it would.

In example 1 it is about confirming whether or not a collection has the correct version of a software installed on it.

This is kind of like the SCCM version of Applocker or software restriction rules (depending on your client and server versions) but instead of actually affecting/restricting or remediating the problem, it just reports on whether the application version is compliant or not for that collection.

Example 2 is about using a powershell script to check the status of a service. Kind of like how we can use sc.exe in a batch to check a service status etc.

Again, this is just for reporting, although it is mentioned that you can use a remediation script if you chose to.

At the end of the post, Satish references the 4 logs to look at for troubleshooting compliancy issues:


These are good logs to look at to make sure your clients have pulled and applied the configuration item/baseline.

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