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Monitor the Monitor – Alert on Operations Manager Health

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Monitor SCOM with SolarWinds

About three weeks ago I had a discussion with Cameron Fuller on how SolarWinds can better complement System Center Operations Manager. At that time, SolarWinds recently updated our Management Pack for Operations Manager. Cameron asked if we included out-of-the-box monitoring of SCOM in the Management Pack. According to Mr. Fuller, SCOM MVP, 1 in 3 engagements ask for a solution that monitors the monitoring solution. Knowing that SolarWinds’ application & server monitoring tool could easily do it, I asked SolarWinds Head Geek to create a monitoring template to do just that. Last week we showed it to Cameron to get his expert advice on thresholds and to make sure we were capturing everything one would need to monitor Operations Manager. Lawrence made the recommended changes and uploaded the template to thwack right before he left for MMS. Here is a link to download the template. If you already have Server & Application Monitor, thwack templates are seamlessly integrated into the product. If you don’t have Server & Application Monitor, you can download it for a free 30-day trial here.

Ops Manager 2012 application template highlights:

4 HTTP Monitor components
• AppAdvisor
• AppDiagnostics
• MonitoringView
• OperationsManager

10 Windows Service Monitor components
• IIS Admin Service (iisadmin)
• OpsMgr Audit Collection Service (adtserver)
• Orion Management Pack Service (orionscom.exe)
• RPC Endpoint Mapper (rpceptmapper)
• SNMP Service (snmp)
• System Center Data Access Service (omsdk)
• System Center Management (healthservice)
• System Center Management Configuration (cshost)
• Windows Management Instrumentation (winmgmt)
• World Wide Web Publishing Service (w3svc)

 9 TCP Port Monitor components
• 80 (HTTP)
• 135 (RPC Endpoint Mapper)
• 139 (NetBIOS Session Service)
• 445 (Server Message Block)
• 5723 (OpsMgr Heartbeat) – Most important!
• 51905 (OpsMgr Connector Framework Source)
• 51906 (OpsMgr Agentless Exception Monitoring)
• 51907 (OpsMgr Customer Experience Improvement Program)
• 51909 (OpsMgr Audit Collection Service Forwarder)

SQL Server components
• RPC Endpoint Mapper (rpceptmapper)
• SNMP Service (snmp)*
• SQL Server (mssqlserver)**
• SQL Server Agent (sqlserveragent)
• SQL Server Analysis Services (mssqlserverolapservice)***
• SQL Server Reporting Service (reportserver)
• SQL Server VSS Writer (sqlwriter)
• Windows Management Instrumentation (winmgmt)
• 135 (RPC Endpoint Mapper)
• 1433 (SQL Server)

This week Lawrence is in the SolarWinds booth at MMS – #712. Come by the booth and he can demo this “monitor the monitor” solution that is very quick to deploy.

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