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Mobile OS percentage that visits myITforum

I was just sifting through the enormous amount of stats for myITforum and thought you’d all be interested in the following.  This information is useful for a couple different reasons, actually.

First…have you tried the new myITforum on your mobile device?  It works great.  When you access myITforum on most mobile devices, the site turns into an app!

Second…this information is important from a mobile industry standpoint.  I believe the stats are very comparable to the same numbers you see batted about in industry reports (with iPhone and Android almost neck-and-neck).  It would be interesting to revisit this information 6 months from now to see if any OS is making significant headway, or if those failing fail even further.

Third…this information gives great insight into the mobile devices that you are supporting in your organization, with iPhone at the top, followed closely by Android, and the BlackBerry falling steadily behind.

Mobile OS myITforum Traffic Percentage
iPhone 33.35%
Android 31.24%
iPad 26.19%
Windows Phone 6.14%
BlackBerry 1.47%
iPod 0.91%
SymbianOS 0.35%
Nokia 0.21%
Samsung 0.07%
Sony 0.04%

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