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MMS2013 Day Three (Wherefore Art Thou, Internet?)

Internet, internet…wherefore art thou internet?

Yep…that pretty much says it all.  I’m actually not sure at this point what the source of the problem is, but having this level of issue for a second straight day at a technical conference where internet connectivity is a critical component of the featured technologies is frustrating to say the least.  It would be amusing if it weren’t so completely disruptive.

Morning Sessions

The internet/wifi woes continued.  About half way through the UD-B309 session on ConfigMgr 2012/Intune Mobile Device Management the internet connection crapped out…which made it really difficult to display online enrollment of a Windows RT device.  It really is difficult to effectively present on cloud centric topics when the internet connection is so inconsistent.  The presenters did a decent job of covering for it, but it basically set the stage for an early and lengthy Q&A to end the first session.

Amusing slide of the day:

During the second session, this was the next slide on the screen right after failure during the live demo to enroll a device because of internet outage (a cause curiously missing from the list).

With that said, this morning featured three back-to-back sessions on Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 and Windows Intune for Mobile Device Management. The first covered setup and configuration, including some really great pointers on all the things that need to be in place to successfully couple ConfigMgr with Intune.  The second covered some of the basic functionality of Mobile Device Management, including enrollment, inventory, settings management and remote wipe/retire.  The third was dedicated specifically to deploying applications to these remote devices.  This was a great series for anyone looking to gain a solid understanding of the new Mobile Device Management capabilities available.  Here are the links for the three sessions:

I will say though that it would have been nice if these back-to-back sessions didn’t require going from the south conference center, over to the north, and back to the south again. This actually gave me an excuse to save the third session for the airplane and instead catch my friend, Chris Nackers, doing a well-attended ConfigMgr 2007 to 2012 migration session 🙂 Chris, and Kent Agerlund, crammed a ton of great info in and took questions throughout, staying well after the session ended to continue answering questions from attendees. If you’re looking at doing ConfigMgr migrations, you definitely want to check out Migrating from Configuration Manager 2007 to Configuration Manager 2012 (UD-B316).

The Rest

I opted to swing by the Windows 8 MCSA Update Exam session in the afternoon. Took all of 20 minutes, so I decided to head over and hit the labs. You can only hear about all these cool things so much before you feel you HAVE to get your hands on something, so I ran through a few labs to satisfy the inner engineer.  Finished the afternoon with the Meet & Geek in the South Conference common area.  It was basically speed dating for geeks, and it was a good way get folks meeting new people (especially those who aren’t as natually outgoing).  The travel mug everyone got was pretty sweet too…could have used that earlier in the week!

The rest of the evening was the usual after hours social events. The myITforum party kicked off at the Border Grille.  Interesting change of venue, but you kinda got stuck choosing between being squished inside or getting a little more space out on the patio while dealing with the wind.  With space limited as it was, food was being brought out by staff on trays…and they didn’t make it more than about ten feet into the room before they were stripped bare.  Still, a good opportunity for some great conversations and fun.



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