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MMS 2012 Twitter Army briefing preview

This is the sample of the slide deck that will be used during the Monday morning briefing for the MMS 2012 Twitter Army.

NOTE: You must be present on Monday, April 16th, 2012 to sign-up to be eligible. You must also be present to learn how to win the excellent prizes, i.e., this is a preview version of the official slide deck and slide 14 will only be public at MMS 2012.

Download (PDF): Twitter Army Monday Briefing preview (1.2m)

You can also grab the document from our public Evernote note store for MMS 2012:

Want to know more about the Twitter Army at MMS 2012?  Read through the following information:

Twitter Army at MMS 2012 details

This year’s grand prize for winning in the Twitter Army at MMS 2012 is…drumroll, please…

Preview the MMS 2012 Twitter Army lapel pin

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