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MMS 2012: The Week in News for March 5th–March 9th 2012

It has been another monumental week!  Last week, of course, we announced that MMS 2012 officially sold out.  This week, the top news has to be that the Schedule Builder went live for everyone.  After issues with the Outlook Sync option, the problem was fixed pretty quickly for Internet Explorer – for non-IE browsers, not so much.  You can read about that below.

Info is starting to trickle out about the MMS 2012 closing party.  The closing party has been a rough spot for attendees in recent years, but this year, Microsoft is going off-site to help improve this MMS feature.  Stay tuned for more information.

Also this week, we announced our MMS 2012 Community newsletter, which we’re cobbling together right now.  It will go out later today to all those who have subscribed.  And, just looking at the number of subscribers after only 1 day of being live, this is going to be an extremely popular new MMS feature.

And, one last highlight for the week.  We are working on finalizing a MMS 2012 community event that gets your spouses out of the Vegas shopping malls and into the MMS community goodness.  This should save some of you some debit card fees, for sure.

Here’s all the news that was generated in the past week:

P.S. As I was closing out last week’s weekly MMS 2012 update I was cut short due to bad weather.  You may have heard or seen information about the line of tornados that swept through Indiana and Ohio last Friday.  We’re all safe here, but keep praying for those who lost lives and property in Indiana.  Thanks to those who were concerned for us!

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