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MMS 2012: The Week in News for March 26-30, 2012

Are you ready???  MMS 2012 is just a couple weeks away.  Each year about this time, you start to see vendor activity pick up, touting giveaways and booth numbers, so you’ll see those listed in this week’s news.  We’re no different – meaning, we do the same thing – well, except we do it for our site and party sponsors.  We want give you the chance to thank all the vendors who understand how important it is to help provide a free support structure for System Center products. 

So, yeah…there was a lot of great, monumental news this week, however the BIG ticket item has turned out to be the Twitter Army grand prize giveaway of the orange Vespa!  You really, really have to check this out (in the list of news below).

Also, of note, the I’ve been testing the mobile site for MMS 2012 over the past few days and it is shaping up nicely.  You’ll be able to view it yourself on Monday.

And, one more thing before I leave you with the past week’s news…we’re hosting a Birds-of-a-Feather during MMS 2012 and need your help voting in the BOF.  During the BOF, we’ll go over myITforum *and* MMS futures and get your comments, criticism, and feedback.  Jump out today and vote for our BOF.  More here:  Take part in your community at MMS 2012

Here’s what happened during the past week:

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