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MMS 2012: The Week in News for March 19-23, 2012

What a week!  Things are finally starting to come together for MMS 2012.  And, when I say “things”, I mean all the plans, layouts, sponsors, extra fun pieces, and more, are all suddenly organizing themselves.  I was hoping a week like this would happen soon and it did.  You can’t imagine the effort, thoughts, and planning that goes into MMS, let alone just the community piece of MMS.  Its an amazing accomplishment and the MMS folks need to be highly praised.

Listed below (as always) is the timeline of events that filled up the past week.  However, I do want to highlight just a couple before you start to dig through them.

First, Microsoft is working hard on sifting through the list of registrants and weeding out those Microsoft folks who probably don’t need to be attending the event, and instead will be opening up spots for actual customers.  So, if you are on the waitlist, and signed-up early, you could still get a spot very soon.

This week we’ve rolled out the details for the myITforum party, the Twitter Army, and the annual Bible Study, so make sure to check those out.

Also, if you could – take the time to vote-up our BOF.  By doing so, you get a unique opportunity to help shape the future of both and community at the Microsoft Management Summit.  Yes, I did put those two in the same sentence and into the same BOF.  There’s some things coming you’ll definitely want to be aware of and also want to take part in helping.

BIG news, apparently for some, is that the post-MMS DVD has been retired.  It’s gone the way of the dinosaur never to be resurrected again -  except, well, if someone sequences frog DNA and combines it with blood from a mosquito trapped in amber.  The DVD is being replaced with “Digital MMS”!

And, believe it or not…there’s some additional, new things to announce next week.  Two of them are kind of related, but involve extending community to your spouses or traveling partners.  Things are really, really going to get exciting.


Here’s what happened this past week:

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