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MMS 2012: The Week in News for March 12th-16th, 2012

Compared to previous weeks, this week seemed pretty tame.  Yeah, yeah…there were still a lot of announcements, like Live streaming of the keynotes and On-Demand sessions (full information on this below).  You can tell we are getting extremely close (4 weeks!) to the start of MMS 2012 simply due to the announcement of the waitlist closing.  Sure, I know it’s coming, but it wasn’t until a call with a colleague and old friend today that I really starting feeling that pit of excitement.  And, with that excitement of course, comes the frantic start to my freak-outs because we have only 4 weeks to get all of this community stuff organized and finalized.

It’s ironic, my good friend that I mentioned, Martin Dey (who you may remember as the man behind MMS for years) is not in the same role this year.  No, he has a much easier time in his new post. But, in the past we’d joke that he and I would have to schedule time at MMS just to say “Hello”.  But, with everything that myITforum is doing this year, even though Martin’s conference may be a tad bit easier this go-round, we’ll still have a tough time finding a moment to talk.  In some ways, this year, I will look like Martin, jumping between activities and making sure everyone is happy.  But, hey…we’ve all been doing this so long it’s just assumed that MMS is a busy, busy time.

Here’s what happened this past week:

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