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MMS 2012 Session Tip: System Center 2012 “behind-the-scenes”

You’re going to think I’m a real geek.  But, that’s OK.  So does everyone else.

This weekend, during a Saturday lull, I was perusing the MMS 2012 session catalog on my tablet while waiting for a NCAA basketball game to start. About the same time I came across MMS session AM-B101, I received an email from someone at Microsoft letting me know about the exact same session and wanting me to make sure everyone knows about it.  Some coincidence.  So, digging in, I went into sleuthing mode.

Session AM-B101 looks particularly interesting for a couple reasons.

  1. It’s a follow-up session to one of Brad Anderson’s keynote announcements. .Hint, hint -  you’ll understand the thinly disguised announcement confirmation when you read the actual session abstract below.
  2. Ryan O’Hara is one of the three session speakers.  Ryan runs the Program Management (engineering) team for the entire cloud & datacenter mgmt. portfolio and works for Brad Anderson.

So…is this a pre-announcement of a full suite release at MMS 2012?

MMS 2012: Come and learn about System Center 2012 from the folks who envisioned and built it: A “Behind the Scenes” ConversationHear directly from engineering leadership that built Microsoft System Center 2012 from the ground up. Learn how to make the magic from the keynote come to life for your organization. Get an overview of the key improvements in System Center 2012, right from how it was envisioned and designed to how those were turned into features. You will also walk away with some actionable guidance on using System Center 2012 to deliver datacenter and application services that will make your business stakeholders your biggest fans! 

We look forward to seeing you at MMS 2012 – go now and register yourself for this session from the schedule builder!

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